Top 10 Ways to Deal With a Slow Internet Connection

2017/08/24· *This story originally ran in June, 2013, and was updated with new information and additional reporting by Patrick Austin in August, 2017.** 10. Check Your Speeds (and Your Plan) Sometimes, your internet is slow ...

Roll up Those Sleeves If You’re Hot—but Not Too Tight

2017/07/18· While a professional politician might have their hard-working American citizen cosplay down, us average Joes might not be as skilled when it comes to rolling up those long-sleeve shirts, especially when it’s hot outside.

Donald Trump's NOAA Just Disbanded the National …

2017/08/20· President Donald Trump and his administration’s assault on the climate science community has continued, the Washington Post reported, with the elimination of a 15-person advisory committee which helps translate ...




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